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Buddhist, Hindus and Bonpo faithful consider Mt. Kailash as their sacred land. The mountain is known as the throne of “Shiva", a powerful God in Hindu mythology. Buddhist considers it as Kang Rinpoche, the precious Snow Mountain. Devotee of Jain religion considers the peak as Mount Ashtpada. Rishabanatha, founder of Jain faith, believed that he gained spiritual liberation on the summit of Mt.Kailash.  Bon po, pre Buddhist religion in Tibet believes that this is the 'Nine storey Swastika Mountain' that lead to the heaven. Despite its barren and dry features the lake and the mountain has magnetic influence to devotees and visitors alike. The pilgrims walk and prostate around the mountain path of 55-km Kailash parbat (mountain) known to them as Meru in ice and stone. There is a strong belief among Hindus and Buddhist that a single walk around the holy mountain would wash away all the sins of a lifetime. Travelers and explorers see in its raw form the amazing beauty in the middle of dull landscape and the faithful feels that it is the sanctuary of the God which gives life to the entire human being. Everybody always find in it something valuable. Kailash peak and Mansarover Lake are situated at 4500 meter above sea level at the highest elevation on the Tibetan plateau. It is the source of holy rivers of south Asia like Indus, Sutlej, Brahamaputra and Karnali Mt. Kailash. It is the only peak in the entire Himalayan range revered as ultimate sanctity. It is also one of the highest Mountains in Tibet at over 6714m (22,022 ft) and Lake Manasarovar at 4558m (14,950 ft) is probably the highest freshwater lake in the world. Though the entire Himalayas is regarded as divine dwelling yet Mt. Kailash is the only peak that is revered as ultimate sanctity. Pilgrim takes bath in the lake Mansarover, known as Mana (mind) of Brahama.

The place is certainly remote and difficult to reach especially in the extreme weather conditions and often on dusty and rough road. The distance from Kathmandu is about 1000 km and from Lhasa it is almost double. On the geographical aspect the mountain is the source of four great rivers that merge in the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea. It is the source of the civilization of Indus and Brahamaputra river valley in India. Despite the reality of Cultural Revolution in China and Tibet, regions around Kailash suffered least. Though many monuments around it and in the vicinity were destroyed yet the faith of its followers has remained stronger than ever. More than the pilgrimage of your lifetime it is truly an adventure that remains with you life long.  

The distance in Tibet is very wide and the road is rough. So schedules are often disrupted by mechanical problem, floods, or landslides. To tackle the problems that arise out of these unforeseen circumstances you would certainly need spirit of adventure and patience. In fact your journey to Tibet would be a rewarding and unforgettable experience like the one Tibetan pilgrim get once they are in Lhasa. The trip to Tibet is in high altitude region. The road is at elevation above 3600 meter (12000 ft.) above sea level most of the time and goes as high as 5300 meter if you go to base camp of Everest or Kailash in a short period.

We travel from Kathmandu by bus to Kodari bridge known as Friendship Bridge, and travel on ward to Zangmu and Nyalamu. At Nilamu you are already at a high elevation. We spend a day at Nyalamu to acclimatize your body and then continue to drive to Saga, Paryang and ultimately to the holy lake of Mansarover. We start our Parikrama (Walk around) of Mt. Kailash from Darchen. After the parikrama we drive back to Zangmu and to Kathmandu through the same route.

The total distance around Mt. Kailash is 55km. Yaks and porters carry camping gear and food. You follow the guide and other pilgrim on the trail around the holy mountain. The camp staff takes care of meals and sleeping during the entire parikrama (walk around).  The staff takes care of every need. You walk on your own pace though local takes less than 3 days to complete the round. Beside the normal walk chanting mantra there are other who make full body prostration throughout the parikarima. It is an amazing sight. The walk around Kailash is a pious thing to do for both Hindus and Buddhist.

It is believed that making a praikrama (walking round Mt. Kailash) would wash your sins away. Specially when this is done on an auspicious year or time. On such an occasion a circuit equals to 13 circuits completed during the year.

Bardia National Park
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3 Days / 2 Nights

The Royal Bardia National Park is also known as Karnali National Park as it is located in the east of Karnali river which flows in Far West Nepal. It is an undisturbed wilderness in Terai(plain) section of Nepal. The national park was the hunting reserve during the Shah dynasty . The Eco-system and flaura and fauna of the place will naturally capivate your attenion. Like in Chitwan it has Sal, Savannah and riverine forest and grassland. This park was created by resettling the people to another area. Natural vegetation in this forest is now providing sanctuary for wild life.

There are around 600, plant species, 50 over mammals , 500 over birds, 50 over amphibians and reptiles are found around the park. It is one of the few remaining habitat of Royal Bengal tiger and great one horned rhinoceros. Small herd of wild elephants are occasionally seen.  There are scientific research projects funded by WWF (World Wild Life Fund) and international organization to understand ecology, behavior and preserve species like rhino, tiger and deer. There is breeding center for nearly extinct Gharials - crocodile. Tharus are an inhabitant of this place and the culture adds a distinct touch to the Bardia experience in a colorful way.


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3-5 pax
3 Days / 2 Nights

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is situated in the east and west bank of the Sapta Koshi river in flood plains of eastern Nepal. The area of this park is 175 sq. kilometers and is famous for near extinct wild buffalo (Bubalus arnee or Arna in Nepali).

The Reserve is a heaven for bird watchers. The park has degraded grassland, riverine forest, and wetland providing sanctuary for more than 400 species of birds, ibises, many storks, egrets, herons and endangered swamp partridge and bangal florican. The barrage on Koshi-river has been extremely valuable as resting-place for migratory bird. Its record shows many species of birds that are not sighted in other part of Nepal are found here. Koshi Tappu is best known for bird watching in Nepal. Gharial(Alligator), crocodiles and Gangetic dolphin have been sighted in the river. The unique backdrop of the Eastern Himalaya , makes it a beautiful attraction for the wildlife lovers and the tourist..


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21 Days / 20 Nights

This is one of the wonderful trip that gives an opportunity in life time to visit picturesque Lhasa, legendry monasteries and fortress of Gyantse and Shigatse. A visit to mystic Guge Kingdom in far western Tibet via northern route and trek around Mt. Kailash and returning via southern route are the major highlights of this trip.

The ruins that remains in the capital of Guge Kingdom, located in Zhada County, are well-known throughout the world.From the mid 10th century to the early 17th century, the Guge Kingdom in western Tibet propagated Buddhism and resisted against foreign invasion. After the war in 1630, the kingdom sank into oblivion and the city was desrted. Now the remains have been listed as a historical site under state top-level protection.

The site, 600 meters from east to west and 1200 meters from north to south, is located at Zarang, 18 kilometers west of Toding. The building along a mountain slope have an altitude difference of 175 meters. There are 445 rooms, 879 caves, 58 blackhouses and 28 Buddhist pagodas. The five big halls house a large number of exquisite murals.



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