Soft Adventure

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$ 5240

Duration : 21 Days

Group Size : 3-5 pax

This is one of the wonderful trip that gives an opportunity in life time to visit picturesque Lhasa, legendry monasteries and fortress of Gyantse and Shigatse. A visit to mystic Guge Kingdom in far western Tibet via northern route and trek around Mt. Kailash and returning via southern route are the major highlights of this trip.

The ruins that remains in the capital of Guge Kingdom, located in Zhada County, are well-known throughout the world.From the mid 10th century to the early 17th century, the Guge Kingdom in western Tibet propagated Buddhism and resisted against foreign invasion. After the war in 1630, the kingdom sank into oblivion and the city was desrted. Now the remains have been listed as a historical site under state top-level protection.

The site, 600 meters from east to west and 1200 meters from north to south, is located at Zarang, 18 kilometers west of Toding. The building along a mountain slope have an altitude difference of 175 meters. There are 445 rooms, 879 caves, 58 blackhouses and 28 Buddhist pagodas. The five big halls house a large number of exquisite murals.


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$ 420

Duration : 3 Days

Group Size : 3-5 pax

Chitwan is situated in Rapti valley in subtropical land of Terai(plains). Owing to its rich adornment of nature, Chitwan National Park was declared UNESCO Natural Heritage Site in 1984. The park that includes in its area a part of the Shivalik Hills, is covered with deciduous forests overlooking the flood plains of Naryani, Rapti and Reu rivers and offering a wilderness of rich ecosystem that includes mammals, birds, reptiles and many amphibians of various kinds.

There are around 600, plant species, 50 over mammals , 500 over birds, 50 over amphibians and repiles are found around the park. It is one of the few remaining habitat of Royal Bengal tiger and great one horned rhinoceros. Small herd of wild elephants are occasionally seen.  There are scientific research projects funded by WWF (World Wild Life Fund) and international organization to understand ecology, behavior and preserve species like rhino, tiger and deer. There is breeding center for nearly extinct Gharials - crocodile. Tharus are an inhabitant of this place and the culture adds a distinct touch to the Chitwan experience in a colorful way. There are also sites of historical importance at Devghat. Pandavnagar, Balmiki Ashram, and Kabilaspur.

Note: Oct/March - when sky is clear and average temp. 25 degrees)

April to June - Hot above 40 degrees

July to Sept : Rainy

Sugested Items

  1. T-shirtswim wear for on the river
  2. long sleeves and trousers
  3. Sunscreen and lip protector
  4. Sunglasses (with retaining device) and/or a cap
  5. Towel and Toiletries (environmentally friendly is best)
    Personal medication
  6. Flashlight
  7. Footwear
  8. Reading book



Starting at

$ 990

Duration : 12 Days

Group Size : 3-5 pax

This tour is for enthusiastic mountain bikers that gives an introduction to mountain biking experience in Nepal. Instead of trek we take mountain bike to the north and eastern rim of Kathmandu valley. Our journey starts at Kakani and travel through Shivapuri danda (hill) at the elevation of 2500 meter, Chisopani and to Nagarkot in the first leg of our biking.

Second leg continues on to Dhulikhel, Panauti and over Lakuri Bhanjyang (pass) and down to Godavari via Bishanku Narayan temple. Kathmandu valley and its rim is a natural treasure. In your travel you come across villages, forests, historical monuments, and high pass. It is always possible to encounter marriage ceremony or procession and other cultural activities. The view of the Himalayan range throughout the journey is mind blowing. You are never far away yet you travel in the midst of nature. For 8 days you would be on the mountain bike on the mountain trail occasionally stopping to look around and enjoy the tour that only few are fortunate to savor the way you do.

There are endless opportunities for mountain biking in Kathmandu Valley. You can do for a day trip to any number of days depending upon the places of interests and view points. The road and track condition is not always similar. In some places there are pitched road and in most places the track condition are narrow, unpaved and dusty. The tracks are commonly used by local people in their day to day work and communication.

Mountain biking in the Kathmandu valley gives you accesses to many places that are rarely visited by tourist on normal tour. You get to see local culture and festivals from a close distance. Of course the panoramic view of the Himalayan range in spring, autumn and winter season are super. You have the advantage of speed and freedom to stop and look around. It is an exciting experience of mountain biking in different condition than at home.

The road and track condition for mountain bike is not always similar. In some places there are pitched road and in other places the track condition are narrow, unpaved and dusty. The tracks and walking trails are commonly used by local people in their day to day work and communication.

Starting at

$ 1055

Duration : 18 Days

Group Size : 3-5 pax

In this multi activity tour programme we take you on the trek in the Helambu region; it is the closest area to the Himalayan range that offer spectacular mountain views, monasteries and ethnic culture. The trek ends at Melemchi. We then drive to Dhulikhel for an overnight stay in a nice resort that overlooks the beautiful Panchkhal valley. After Dhulikhel we take mountain bike and travel in the eastern rim of Kathmandu valley passing through many villages, historical monuments and cross 2010 meter high Lakuri Bhanjyang (pass) to Godavari where there is a botanical garden. Stay overnight at the resort and then drive to Trishuli river to take thrilling white water rafting to Chitwan where we spend 3 days in jungle activities including ride on elephant back. This is wonderful way to see Nepal away from the city center and in the prestine nature endowed by the God.
The road and track condition for mountain bike is not always similar. In some places there are pitched road and in other places the track condition are narrow, unpaved and dusty. The tracks and walking trails are commonly used by local people in their day to day work and communication.

Helambu region is located about 72 km north east of Kathmandu. It is the closest area from Kathmandu to see beautiful and scenic grandeur of the Himalayas. The elevation you reach is not high. You can get to see panoramic view of the beautiful mountain range and visit several Buddhist monasteries just in a few days walk. Helambu has enchanting landscape and rich culture. Major ethnic groups are Tamang and Sherpa. The Sherpa of Helambu have their distinct language and tradition, which are different from Everest (Khumbu) region. Inhabitants of upper Helambu, Melemchi and Tarkeghyang, are pretty well off. Their monasteries are nicely decorated. The trek starts at Sundarijal. You walk several up and down path through the low mountain pass, meadow, oak and rhododendron forest. Before returning back you visit Tarkeghyang (2560m) that has a large Sherpa village. Tarkeghyang has an impressive Buddhist monastery. You come across several Sherpa and Tamang settlements as you travel to Malemchii situated on Indrawati river. You travel to Dhulikhel through Panchkhal valley. Stay overnight at Dhulikhel at a nice resort that overlook the vast valley beyond.

After an overnight at Dhulikhel you take mountain bike ride to Namo Buddha that is situated on a hilltop. You climb gradually to the top and then make steep descent to Panauti. Panauti is a small town located at a corner of the edge of rim. After Panauti you climb to a pass Lakhure Bhanjyang and then descent to Sisneri. As you bike all the way from Namo Buddha to Sisneri you will be seeing panoramic view of the Himalayan range while going through pristine nature. You travel through an old trail used by people before the high way was built. On the last day of the biking tour you pass through several villages en-route to Godavari. Take a brake at a resort at Godavari. The resort has calm and relaxed atmosphere with swimming pool, gym and sauna.

After a rest day you travel to the raft put in point at Chauradi on Trishuli river. There are several exciting sections of white water on the first day. Depending upon water level the river guide gradually and safely negotiate the rapids to Mugling. At Mugling the waiting transport takes you to Chitwan Jungle for safari adventure. The jungle camp staffs prepare your activity according to season. The activities includes elephant safari, dugout canoe ride in Rapti river and village tour. You enjoy jungle safari on elephant back and jeep. Take a river ride in a dugout canoe to see endangered species of crocodiles and a visit to a Tharu village.

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